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Maintaining your BB gun or other air guns

BB gun maintenance is something often overlooked by beginners. Caring for air guns is an essential aspect of owning them. They must be treated with care and attention in order to keep performing optimally. BB guns that are mistreated can start exhibiting shooting problems, such as off-target shots that seem to have been aimed correctly and a loss of power (distance). Air guns should always be cleaned regularly and properly stored when not in use for long periods of time.

A BB gun is easier to maintain in excellent condition than a regular powder firearm. This is because there are no particles scouring the barrel during firing, and because powder burn explosively, which leaves soot and other residue. Air guns only require a little bit of special synthetic oil (high flash cylinder oil) every few hundred shots. Two drops will suffice. Never use regular oil because it can be harmful to your spring piston or other firing apparatus. About every 1,000 shots you should clean the barrel with a light degreaser.

Other BB gun / air guns maintenance tips

Besides the basic oiling process that most air-powered rifles and pistols require every 1,000 shots, there are a few other basic tips for keeping your BB gun in tip-top shape.

  • Never shoot a BB gun when it is not loaded or keep it cocked for long periods of time. This can damage the piston and/or spring mechanism.  

  • Never leave air guns out in the elements, especially in the Winter. Keep your pellet or bb gun inside its carrying case or wrapped up in a thick blanket inside a closet or your garage.  

  • For a CO2-powered guns, remove the gas cartridge after every use and store separately. Leaving them attached to air guns can deteriorate the seal and make the canister go bad.  

  • Always clean your BB gun after long periods of storage - even if you remember cleaning it just before you stored it. Dust and other contaminants have no doubt accumulated, and it's better to be safe than sorry.

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