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Choosing a pellet gun among today’s air rifles

When you are choosing a pellet gun among today’s wide array of air rifles, the first question you need to ask yourself is what you would like to use the weapon for. Do you wish to take the pellet gun into the woods for small game hunting? Do you wish to use it for target practice? Maybe you need to keep pests off of your property. Today’s air rifles can be used for myriad purposes and, typically, their designs reflect their usage.

A pellet gun should serve a purpose, whether it's target practice, varmint hunting, or just plinking tin cans. Air rifles can also be collector’s items, especially those affiliated with old and trusted rifle brands such as Remington and Winchester. These firearms can sometimes be just as aesthetically pleasing and well made as the real thing.

Your ideal pellet gun and the most popular air rifles

The ideal pellet gun for you is dependent upon not only what you will be using the weapon for, but also how much work you want to put into each shot. Many air rifles use the traditional pumping action, which means that before every shot you must exert energy and pump air into the chamber.

Alternatives to the pump pellet gun are the gas-powered and the electric. Even these latter types, however, can incorporate some pump action, although generally only one motion instead of multiple pumps. If you are more interested in rapid-firing guns, then pump air rifles are probably not a great fit for you. Try out one of the modern electric semi-automatic airguns instead.

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