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Comparison: airsoftguns and BB guns

There is about as much comparison between airsoftguns and BB guns as there is between a pellet gun and a paintball weapon. The ammunition defines the gun in all three cases. The shooting mechanisms in airsoftguns and BB guns are almost identical, but the main divergence is in what kinds of ammo they shoot. They all function by pushing compressed air through a chamber and in so doing sending a projectile through the barrel of the gun. But the similarities end there.

Airsoftguns are often used for team war games. These mock battles typically involve two teams and revolve around some organizational principle like “Capture the Flag.” People on the different teams wear safety masks, goggles, and protective, camouflage clothing. Airsoft is ideally suited for this kind of game, since traditional BB guns cannot be used safely.

Airsoftguns in contrast to BB guns

While most people use airsoftguns for realistic target shooting as well as combat and war games, BB guns are more often used for practical purposes, such as hunting small game or pests on their property. A pellet gun is also a good way for kids and beginning shooters to learn how to safely handle a weapon.

Airsoftguns can be used by both youths and adults, and their safety ratings are much higher than those of BB guns. This is because they shoot 6mm plastic pellets rather than the smaller metal BBs or pellets that can penetrate skin and cause eye or ear damage.

The velocity at which airsoftguns fire their rounds is also typically lower than with standard BB guns.  This does not mean that you should be reckless with shooting the gun, however. Always use caution and respect the potential harm you might inflict. Playing around and being careless is a bad idea.

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