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Proper gun safety for pellet guns

Gun safety rules apply to pellet guns just as they do to any other weapon. You should treat any firearm as if it were loaded. It doesn’t matter if the weapon is usually loaded with real bullets, metal BBs, plastic 6mm pellets, or kernels of popcorn (don’t try this at home) – you should always treat it as if it’s loaded. This one simple gun safety rule will prevent most accidents with pellet guns.

One of the best ways to learn proper gun safety is to take a course through the NRA or get an experienced shooter to give you a tutorial in how to use pellet guns. Even though airguns are not statistically as injurious as something as seemingly innocuous as a skateboard or a bicycle, they can still do long-lasting or permanent damage.

The horror stories of ignoring gun safety rules with pellet guns

The world is riddled with stories of people who chose to ignore gun safety rules with their pellet guns and suffered horrible consequences. These people may have just been out in the woods, shooting carefree at targets, when one of the pellets accidentally hit a hidden piece of rusty metal or some other material that caused a ricochet. Suddenly, a scrap of the metal or even the rebounding ammo slammed into the shooter’s face or eyeball. This happens more times than you'd imagine, every single year.

By ignoring gun safety rules, you risk permanent disabilities and potentially thousands of dollars in medical bills. There are people who have had all of their front teeth knocked out by pellet guns (or blinded, made deaf, etc.). Remember that your airgun, while not as powerful as a "real" firearm, can and will do serious damage if treated without the utmost respect at all times.

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