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Teach kids to be careful when using bbguns

BBguns have famously been known to cause harm. In the movie A Christmas Story, the main character, Ralphie, learns a valuable lesson when he takes his Christmas present ( a Daisy Red Ryder BBgun) out shooting and immediately breaks his glasses when his shot ricochets. He almost did "shoot his eye out," as he is warned all through the movie by adults (including Santa Claus). The damage could have been a lot worse, of course, as bbguns have been known to cause blindness and in some freak accidents, death. Air pistols and rifles should always be treated as dangerous weapons, even though the accident rate gets lower every year.

Most injuries due to bbguns are caused by misuse, either intentionally or through carelessness. Virtually all the accidents are among younger shooters. Adult users of air pistols and rifles suffer virtually no incidents. The Consumer Products Safety Commission has even rated the use of these weapons far less dangerous than something as mundane as riding a bicycle.

The potential dangers of bbguns

The Consumer Products Safety Commission rates activities and toys along an index of injuries per 100,000 consumers. If the product is used by youth, then the basic index is multiplied by 2.5 to reflect that. According to these calculations, airguns have a rating of 1.9. Compare this number to the rating of 2.8 for paper money and coins. The rating for beds is 8.7!

So what does that mean for your kids? Certainly, you don't want to stop giving them an allowance or make them sleep on the floor. But seriously, teach them to treat bbguns with respect and follow all safety rules, and don't be afraid to give them some freedom once they demonstrate proficiency.

Virtually all accidents and injuries caused by bbguns can be prevented if you follow the proper gun safety rules:

  • Always assume the gun is loaded and act accordingly

  • Never look into the barrel

  • Never point the gun at another person or animal (unless you're hunting)

  • Never fire a bbgun toward a flat metal or other hard surface (ricochets can do real harm!)

  • Never use ammo more than once

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