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BB Guns: tips for choosing between metal BB and airsoft guns

BB guns have been around a long time, and are still popular with kids and other casual shooters. Until about 30 years ago, when airsoft guns were invented, all BB pistols and rifles fired lead, copper, or steel ammunition. Now you can choose that traditional style or go with the safer airsoft models, which shoot plastic pellets. Either way, be sure to follow the same gun safety rules at all times.

BB & Airsoft Pistols

Traditional BB pistols that fire metal ammunition are a good choice for new shooters who want to practice target shooting at close range, or who just want to have fun plinking tin cans in a field or the backyard. Kids often start off with this kind of BB gun. Plastic pellet airsoft BB guns are also used with targets (gel or paper), and are increasingly popular in team war game sports (much like paintball). Here are some of the most popular BB and airsoft pistols:

BB & Airsoft Rifles

For most kids, their first experience with BB guns is with one of the famous rifles from Daisy. They're inexpensive, durable, safe, and easy to operate. For those who enjoy airsoft, by far the most popular guns are those that mimic military weaponry, like the Uzi, M16, and AK-47. Because airsoft is usually played as a team sport, these rapid-fire BB machine guns are preferred by those wanting to spray opponents with many rounds in a short period of time. Here are a few of the most popular BB and airsoft rifles we sell:

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